Location: Pigeon Island, Guadeloupe

Bonjour everyone! Today began early for those of us who decided to rise with the sun and go for an early morning snorkel on the wreck. This shallow wreck provided a great opportunity for us to practice our free-diving skills. One of my favorite things about the French islands is the food! We woke this morning to chocolate pastries and fresh baguettes with french cheeses and fruit jams. I will have to wait until St. Barth’s for more baguettes, so we made sure we got our fill this morning. After breakfast, we picked up the anchor and began our motor up the coast of Guadeloupe. While underway, Captain Kevin taught the crew how to do a running fix using a lighthouse on the leeward coast of Guadeloupe. Dave served up some Texas chili for us as we came up to Pigeon Island, our destination for the afternoon. Pigeon Island was one of Jaques Cousteau’s favorite dive sites in the Caribbean. He is honored here with an underwater statue, where he is wearing his famous red beanie. The group was led by our resident Dive Master in Training, Laurel, who did a great job navigating a dive site that was completely new to her. The waters here are crystal clear and full of colorful reef fish. Speaking of colorful…..our second group of divers decided to don Hawaiian shirts for their underwater adventure. They must be trying to fit in with all the colorful reef dwellers. Diving always makes as hungry, and Dave didn’t disappoint with Texas Pad Thai! Now we are getting the boat ready for an overnight passage to Antigua. May the adventure never stop!