Location: Lanzarate, Canary Island

Today started with the clattering of the anchor dropping, signaling our arrival in the Canaries after our two-day passage. This morning’s breakfast was bread with peanut butter, Nutella, and cream cheese prepared by our chefs of the day, Hilary, Sonya, and Kristian. Then we all met in the salon to go over our EFR exams. After that, the PSCT class met for a review session while the make-up divers for open water diving finished up their remaining skills and got certified. The rest of us had study time before lunch. After lunch and clean-up, the rescue divers and divemasters went diving while everyone else got working on a boom swing, which was essentially a rope swing tied to one end of the boom, which we then lifted until the main boom reached out over the beautiful, clear water. Everyone had a blast! After taking down our boom swing, we started passage prep until dinner was ready. Now we’re finishing up our passage prep for the 15-hour passage to our docking location tomorrow.