Location: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Welcome to Las Palmas Argo crew. What a startling wake-up for most of the sleepy heads on board when we had a fire safety drill this morning. Confused as I was, I thought I had set the alarm off after being told to innovatively figure out how to melt the butter for our meal. To my surprise and relief, it was not from butter melting… whew! Now that everyone was up and running, we headed into dock after our overnight passage, which was such an excitement to be back attached to land in some way, shape, or form. Thanks to Matt and Georgia, we had freshly baked garlic bread for lunch with our nom-nom potato soup, which rebooted everyone’s energy level to have an educational study day. After lunch, the crew was set and ready for their MTE Radio Operator exam. Fingers crossed that everyone passes with flying colors. For the rest of the day, we luckily had study time to work on our oceanography papers (that everyone successfully procrastinated), and for some people also to study for their exam on the collision regulations that are set for tomorrow. We ate an amazing dinner that rejuvenated my spirits when I found out there was pineapple in with the chicken and noodles after dinner is when the organized chaos began to put all of the provisions away because the food truck had impeccable timing and decided to arrive as soon as dinner was ready to be served.

Figuring out where we can physically store the food and playing Jenga until everything fits is always the entertainment for the day. I realized the answer to my own squeeze question: What makes Argo home? In the entity of chaos, there are 30 people right by my side for the good, the bad, and the in-between. We all have reached the well-oiled machine no matter how much of a mess we all individually are. Now, we can call Argo our home away from home. To end the night, I got to call my little sister to wish her a happy birthday. Talking to her made me want to have my family with me to share with them firsthand what I get to experience on the trip of a lifetime. Happy Birthday, Cameron!