Location: Green Island, Antigua

Today had nothing on the schedule and it was supposed to be a day for doing nothing but relaxing, and for most people it was. In the morning, Mike, Kathryn and I went to do some Elkhorn Coral Survey but unfortunately we couldn’t locate the colonies. Unfortunate in that they may well all have died in the past 4 months or so since they were last surveyed. The rest of the morning was spent on the beach, windsurfing or hanging out on Ocean Star. After a scheduling meeting in the afternoon, we set up the boom swing. Doing this involved the day’s hardest work; getting the boat ready to sail so that we could hoist the boom out at a 45 degree angle over the water. From there everyone could swing from the end out over the water and perform some sort of acrobatics before splashing down into the waterinevitably there was some belly flopping and red skin afterwards. Everyone thought that the boom swing was a blast, and nobody came away with anything worse than a small cut and some bruises. Tonight we are planning on a beach bonfire which everyone is excited about.