Location: Antigua

Today we enjoyed sailing from Green Island back to Falmouth Harbour. During clean up last night Kirsty cut her foot on the Mrs. Filberts Margarine lid and Simon thought that she should go get it checked out by the doctor. So our plans changed and we headed back to Falmouth Harbour. As we made out way out of Green Island we set sails and managed to navigate most of the way avoiding small patch reefs and up the channel until Green Island and her barricade of reefs were behind our stern. It was a beautiful passage with light winds and clear skies and we were even able to get the fisherman sail up, something which we haven’t done yet on this trip. Once we arrived in Falmouth Harbour Kirsty joined us once again informing us that she had a good visit to the doctor but wasn’t in need of any stitches, so good new on that front. Everyone managed to have a few hours onshore catching up on internet and buying out the grocery store of snacks. Tonight we have an OCE class and in the morning we will head off to Barbuda.