Location: Cadiz, Spain

Today was an exciting day; we woke up to the sight of land and a city on the horizon. It was an amazing morning. The seas were calm, and the sky was blue, with the sun beating down on us. Since we arrived a bit early to our ‘destination,’ we are spending a few hours anchored off the coast of Spain, right outside of a city called Cadiz. At lunch, we ate a delicious meal of cheeseburgers. During the morning meeting, we were given two options for the day, either to start Boat Appreciation (B.A.) or to set up the Boom Swing. Obviously, we picked the latter of the two. After tying some ropes to the mainsail boom, we lifted it up extremely high and sheeted the boom out all the way. Thus making the boat into an exotic tree swing. We spent a couple of hours swinging off the boat. After we had our fill of fun, we brought the boom back down to its rightful spot, then prepared for a dinner of chicken pesto. Now we are about to pull up anchor and make our way through the final stretch to Gibraltar -a docking we are all eagerly are looking forward to.