Location: Gibraltar

Today was our final day of crossing the ocean. We crossed during the night, and when the morning came around, we were able to see both continents as we passed through the Strait of Gibraltar. As we came closer to Gibraltar, the rock started to appear. While we were preparing our lines and fenders to dock, we spotted a submarine headed out from port. After we got into the harbor, we docked, officially completing our Atlantic crossing and starting our day of boat appreciation. It started with flaking and covering the sails, while some people started to clean the galley and the saloon down below. Once we were finished with the sails and we had raised the main tarp, we moved quickly to a lunch of chicken noodle soup. During BA, a few of us went to shore to provision for food for the ship. After lunch, we went back to cleaning Argo and started a deck wash to clean off all of the dirt and salt from passage. When the people who were provisioning had arrived back, a number of us went to help put away food on the boat. On our way there, we spotted a couple of ice cream places we want to go to. While down below was getting busy, up on deck was finishing the last of the polishing and final cleanup. Once we finished, we had an hour until dinner and were able to leave the ship. Almost everyone who left the ship went immediately to get ice cream. As 6:00 boat time came around, we started our delicious pork dinner and changed our watches ahead one hour to local time. With dinner over, we cleaned up and then ended the day with a documentary about fisheries for our Oceanography class and had a little more free time to go ashore before the night ended.