Location: Underway to Brazil

It goes without saying that whale sharks are a tough act to follow. That being said, our last day on St. Helena Island was just as meaningful as any other. Instead, today was filled with traversing a picturesque ghost town. With all of the locals being either off or busy on Sunday, it truly felt as though we’d been transported into a movie set. For most of us, the main bulk of the day saw to escaping the beating sun and finding solace through coffee and Wifi at local shops that generously stayed open.

On top of that, there were several of us who accessed the local pool to swim laps as a start to receiving their Dive Master title. We’re all very excited for Freddie (our captain), Claire (our medic), and Nat (our idol) in their journey for such. Once all was said and done, we bathed ourselves in the salty harbor’s water as a rinse and refresher from a long day of walking and errands. We hope that one day Emma will muster the courage to backflip into the water. Once all the preparations for leaving had been done, we gave our bittersweet goodbyes to St. Helena, drifting away from the lush and mossy paradise into stunning rays of gold at the break of dusk. Our course now lies between wind and water, 2,000 miles west of Brazil.