Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island, BVI

We woke this morning with an early 6:30 am wake-up call. I decided to take the softer approach and gently wake everyone up individually instead of pounding on pots and pans to get the crew out of bed. Everyone ate a quick breakfast of cereal while underway from Leverick Bay to the Coral Gardens dive site. Once we dropped our anchor, the crew got into their scuba gear and plunged into the Caribbean waters. During the dive, the divers explored a plane crash site 50 feet below the surface. They saw a barracuda swimming around the wreck, along with many bicolor damselfish defending their algae gardens on the reef. After the short morning dive in the Coral Gardens, we raised our anchor and set course for lunch in Spanish Town.
In Spanish Town, the crew got to hop in the dinghies and head to shore. We ate our hearts out at the local restaurant in the marina for lunch. Everyone had huge burgers, the size of our faces, and ice cream for dessert. There was also an opportunity to stop at the grocery store and dive shop while we were ashore. The crew walked out of the grocery store with their backpacks full of snacks for the boat; Roger was so excited to find a package of 100 chocolate cookies (off-brand Oreos) for only $3.25 to satisfy those chocolate cravings. Shortly after we regrouped on the boat, we all changed into our swimsuits to head to the Baths. The Baths is a serene place stowed away along the shoreline of the town. There are massive rocks that create cave-like structures as well as hidden pools beneath the top of the rocks. The white sand and crystal water were breathtaking. We wandered through the caves with excitement and jumped off the gigantic rocks into the ocean. The crew was in awe of the natural scenery constructed by nature.
Once we got back to the boat, the group decided it was best for us to head back to Great Harbor due to a tropical storm that was going to be passing through. Everyone worked together to raise the anchor and set sail. Smudge even let some of us take turns at the helm as we sailed through a few rain showers. The sky quickly changed from blue to grey, to gold, to black, all in a matter of an hour. We drop the anchor in Great Harbor, and all sit together as a family to eat Shepard’s pie Peter and Wallace cooked for us. We stuffed ourselves yet again and cleaned up afterward. We finished the day off with a movie night and an early bedtime.