Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

The Ocean Star crew woke this morning surrounded by something new… other boats! With O Star and her neighbors comfortably hunkered down in Great Harbor, the crew started off what was to be a productive day at anchor with the easy-going songs of Jack Johnson and delicious pancakes. After breakfast, our shipmates began the day’s series of classes with marine biology, learning about sea turtles and ecology, while some of the staff ran around making preparations for our passage to Nevis tomorrow. After class, the crew broke into their newly assigned watch teams to learn their different responsibilities in emergency situations. Some learned where to grab medical supplies and ditch kits. Some learned more sail handling techniques. One group ran the fire hose for what will hopefully be the first and only time (unless there’s a drill). After lunch, a build your own salad bar that proved challenging to eat with our gusty conditions, Smudge gave a lecture on leadership myths, managers vs. leaders, and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Following the class, we stowed our dive gear, and our shipmates learned about taking care of Ocean Star underway, being on active watch, and the procedure for conducting hourly underway boat checks. All that remains for the day are what will be a delicious lasagna dinner and a class on collision regulations at sea. While we are a little sad to leave the beautiful waters and comfort of the BVI, we are also excited to get underway for Nevis in the morning, find some sea room, and sail for all the adventures we will be sure to find in the rest of the Lesser Antilles.