Location: Lesser Antilles and Caribbean Basin

The crew woke up bright and early to a nice little bowl of boatmeal (oatmeal on a boat) before their first class. We then proceeded below deck to learn about ocean sediments, which in our cases were some m&ms and strawberry hearts in our very own candy lab. Once the crew was sugared up and ready to go, we ate a quick lunch before raising the anchor and starting our first voyage to island of Nevis. The trip would take a full 24 hours of sailing, which meant the crew would have to split up into three watch teams to keep the boat on its path while others were sleeping. During our four hour shifts, we would have to do a boat check every hour, which included making sure the galley was 40/40 (clear of objects that could go flying), checking the sails, and keeping track of the boat’s course, speed, and the atmosphere around us. The seas had Ocean Star rocking back and forth tremendously, making it difficult for the crew to stay on their feet, so to stay safe, we would clip into lines around the boat in order to move without sliding everywhere. The trip was proving to be a challenge, but I can honestly say that the crew is getting some quality bonding time and growing as a team.