Location: 41 20.17' N 004 30.81' E

For the past 24 hours, Vela and her crew have been in business, more commonly known as sailing. Leaving the French coastline late last night to cut across the Gulf De Lion, Vela is almost 100 miles away from the nearest landmass and 2 kilometers above the ocean floor. Manning a vessel of Vela’s nature is not an easy task, especially considering the pride her staff takes in running a safe and competent program. No corners are cut when it comes to sailing Vela. The crew’s three watch teams are all on the clock. Whether you are on watch, sleeping, or studying, time is of the essence. Regardless of the 4hr on – 8hr off-schedule, mealtimes are one of the few times on the vessel where everyone is present and time is no matter. I would have never thought I would look forward to slowing down to eat a meal, but yet it is now an essential part of my day.

The watches are long but necessary to prepare the crew for the Atlantic passage. Or they at least feel long when Watch Team Two has an 8-12 watch, then is required to sleep for 7 hours only to be woken up for another 8-12 watch, and in the end, coming to the realization that you can’t sleep after your watch because you have classes for the rest of the afternoon. The morning watch was an adventure; Bubba and I had the honor of flaking the jib, which is located on the bowsprit. In the pitch-black, we were bucked around by the waves and finished the job soaked. We had a good time. Sailing is awesome. Joining this trip, I thought I had a grasp of sailing and the lifestyle that came with it. In reality, I knew nothing about the daily life that this trip would bring. Each of these experiences are new and continues to make every day worth looking forward to. The more time I spend on Vela, the more excited I become in anticipation for the adventures, destinations, and meals that await!

Checking in
Declan S.

Photo1 (left to right) Savana, Arden, Clara, Freddy (Skipper), and Daniel. Liz (Bottom)
Photo 2 (left to right) Garret, Charley, Emerson, Henry, Bubba, Tylor, and Shona
Photo 3 Leoni and dinner ready to go up through the gopher hole.


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