Location: 41*06.579'N 001*14.667'E

Today started out with my watch team (Team 1) on watch from 12-4 am. The engine was off, the sails were all up, and the stars were completely surrounding us. They looked incredible! At one point, we needed to take down the Flying Jib, so Brianne let Emerson and me out on the bowsprit to help flake the sail. It was probably one of the coolest and most peaceful things I’ve done on this voyage. The water was quite choppy, the waves were large, and it would have been fitting for the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song to have been playing in the background.

After watch, we all went back to sleep, looking forward to sleeping in. Unfortunately, a few of us woke up sweating and feeling seasick. Lots of stomachs were emptied this morning. During round one, we were all hunched over the side of the deck, eating cereal and encouraging each other to spew it all out. Not long after that, some of us started feeling good enough to eat some lunch. Today we had a baked potato bar, which was amazing! After that, we went off to our cleanup jobs. During this time, I got to take the helm, which was an awesome experience. Though I’ve been at the helm several times during this voyage, I’ve never driven in such choppy waters. It was my second pirate moment of the day.

It was great until many of us started feeling the effects of the baked potatoes. The rest of the day was then spent near the edge of the deck. All of us sleeping, attempting to empty our stomaches, taking turns getting water, and eating saltines. Although it was not quite the day we had all planned or wanted, our spirits were high, and we were all in it together. At the end of the day, we made it to Spain, and we can look back at the day and laugh about it.

Mom, if you’re reading this, please don’t worry about me; I’m feeling alright now! Dad, remember, YOU win! Elena, Abigail, Rummer, and everyone else back home who might be reading this, I love you guys, and I miss you all!
Also, shoutout to Arden’s mom. Arden says not to worry. She only puked four times.

Photo 1: The puke line. Grace (left), Sam, Me, Joe (Right), and Dani (behind us).
Photo 2: Arden (front), Celia (middle), and Joe (back) sleeping on the deck.
Photo 3: Dylan bringing us all saltines.
Photo 4: Savana on the helm (not feeling seasick).
Photo 5: Me (left), Arden, Joe, and Celia (right) posing for a photo.