Location: St. Barts

Merry Sunday evening!!!

Our crew began our day with a wonderful breakfast from Chef Lauren consisting of eggs, baked beans, hash browns, and sausage, yummy. After our clean-up, we sat in on some very studious presentations from Grace, Ari, Kas, Maris, AJ, Peyton, Elodie, and Megan the stallion. Everyone crushed it, and I learned so many cool and fun ocean thingz!!!

This afternoon we took on BA (boat appreciation) and deep-cleaned our beautiful Ocean Star!! Some of us scrubbed every crevice of the galley (kitchen) and reorganized all of our cooking utensils and food!!! Our bunks and cubbies got a nice refresh with new sheets and folded laundry! Some of us did laundry at the laundry mat. Sad to say, that was the first time in 25 days… some brave crew mates even cleaned the outside of the boat from the dinky. Overall, we crushed it, and the boat is looking absolutely gorgeous!!

We finished this hard-working day with a beautiful sunset dinner and squeeze, where the skipper asks a question that everyone has to answer and talk about what we appreciated for the day!
Question of the night: if you could be any supernatural being, what would you be?
Answers ranged from Santa Claus to Centaur to Fairy… lots of variety.

The rest of our evening, we will be relaxing and getting ready for tomorrow’s shore day.

Xoxo, sissy (aka the night helmer)