Location: Fortaleza, Brazil

This morning I awoke refreshingly sore, as last night Spike and I had an amazing opportunity to attend a Brazilian Ju Jit Su class with our agent, Aron. There we had an intense warm-up involving running, push-ups, crunches, stretches, and an exercise where you lied on your side, scooted your hips behind you, rolled over, and scooted your hips out again. Then we learned a few moves, including two arm holds and a head choke. The final part of the class was by far the most fun; it was a balancing exercise where you had to keep one knee on the ground while grabbing your opponent by the kimono to try and cause them to lose their balance and pin them to the ground. It was an amazing experience, and when I get home, I plan on finding a gym to continue my training (I know you must be thrilled about that, Mom). The crew enjoyed a marine bio class followed by free time to explore Forteleza, work on some engine stuff and do massive provisioning. I woke up to a galley/salon filled with massive quantities of fruit, veggies, meats, and a huge variety of other food. Slowly it all made its way into bilges and cabinets, and in less than an hour, you would have never been able to guess it was all there. After shower time at 4:30, we rocked a full deck wash, as land tends to get things a bit dirty. Then most headed back to town for a huge dinner at a couple of Brazilian Steak Houses and a bit of shopping at the open-air night market. Now anchor watches have started, and people are starting to climb into their bunks to rest for tomorrow, as it will be a full day of preparing to depart South America and head towards French Guinea.