Location: Fortaleza, Brazil

Today was another exceptional day for the Argo crew. We awoke at our usual early hour, and after a hearty breakfast, we were off to continue our explorations of Fortaleza. We were given until 13:00 to get any last-minute shopping and/or sightseeing done. A small group of us enjoyed our last hours in Brazil by eating a delicious lunch at one of the small restaurants located along the beach. We used what little space was left in our stomachs to enjoy a large scoop of mouth-watering dulce de leche ice cream (a South American favorite similar to caramel). A quick cab ride, accompanied with the usual hand gestures and broken Spanish, and we were back at Argo preparing her for sea. We had a full Mexican Fiesta dinner followed by what will be our last freshwater showers for the next week. We waved goodbye to Fortaleza as we set out for our next adventure. New watch teams, a full supply of food, many new souvenirs, and stomachs filled with good food. The crew seems very content as day forty-eight comes to a close. For me, it was especially sad to say goodbye to Brazil. I feel there is so much left to explore and experience here, and I would love to have had more time. I guess this just means I’ll have to come back!