Location: Underway to Isle de Salut in the Atlantic Ocean

Today was another excellent day underway, the highlight of which was our much anticipated equator crossing. The event took place at 2000 hrs local time and was marked by Argos signature ceremony, undertaken now by more than a few proud shipmates. All hands stared intently at the GPS screen and began a countdown around 1/10 of a mile from the line. As we sailed across the crew cheered as the South latitude turned to North and oh so briefly, our latitude read 00.00.0 degrees. In an instant it changed from Fall to Spring and to celebrate such a momentous occasion the ‘pollywogs” (as first time crossers are known) made a sacrifice of some token personal item to king Neptune and proceeded around the charthouse on their hands and knees while the fire hose welcomed them to the northern hemisphere and baptized them to the rank of ‘shellback” (as experienced equator crossers are known). The salty shower was enjoyed by all and served as a reminder of the distance we have traveled, now nearly 5,000 nautical miles, and the things we have experienced along the way. Most agree that the earth seems smaller now, having traversed between Africa and South America, crossed the Prime Meridian and the Equator, we still have many miles to travel, but everyone feels a little closer to home.