Location: Deshaies, Guadeloupe

Today was a relaxing mix of shore time and class after the last few days of stress over our midterms and presentations. We all spent our morning wandering through the sleepy French town of Deshaies, drinking coffee, and picking up souvenirs. The group split up for lunch on shore; Sven and I split chicken curry, but she filled up. Feeling ready to burst from my over-eating, Dan and I decided to hike up the creek near town. We saw lots of mangoes that had fallen from trees along the riverbank, smells of some cows, and one of us may have fallen in the water, but I’ll not say whom. Back on Ocean Star, the rescue divers did some training, in which Britt and Laurie played the victims. All on deck had a good laugh as the trainees were dunked, splashed, and pushed under while attempting to drag the victims back to the boat. I had a great view of the action from my hammock, which was quite comfortable. Tonight we set sail for Antigua. The thought of raising sails at midnight has some of the crew on edge, but I’m ready for some great sailing.