Location: Underway to the Marquesas

After a long night of rolling and reeling, I realized that sleep would continue to evade me. I slipped out of bed to appreciate the relaxing sunrise with my bowl of granola when disaster struck. The halyard block on the main staysail snapped! The boom came flying down, pulling the entire sail with it. (Dramatization) And just like that, my routine breakfast had turned into a momentous one on Argo. Beyond the breaking of the shackle, which was later fixed, today has been much like the others; classes, studying for PSCT, leisurely reading, et cetera. Passage life has been a dream; sailing across the Pacific has brought us all closer together. But, with the Marquesas only days away passage, life is almost at an end, and we shall enter the final leg of our journey. Skipper David Patino, wishing you the best. P.S.: To my mother: Happy belated birthday! Te quiero mucho y mandale besitos a Ari y Ani de mi parte. To my father: Te extra-o muchisimo! Take care of yourself for me. To Lara: It’s almost been a year! I miss you and love you so much habibi; I cannot wait to see you soon.