Location: Essaouia, Morocco

7:15- Wake ups done by Captain “Devil” Sam 7:30- French Toast breakfast 8:15- OCB class 9:30- Dinghy runs to shore 5:30- Dinghies back 6:30- Dinner 7:30- bedtime- Pumpkin carving, movie, and candy munching

Today the crew mates were woken up by Sam scratching everyone that was sleeping with a cutlass and devil mask. While some woke up as groggy as ever, some nearly fell out of bed with fright. Warm French toast greeted the chilly morning breeze on deck. We had a Marine bio class this morning and started dinghy runs to shore immediately after. In the small town of Essaouira everyone had the chance to walk around to many of the shops to bargain with store owners for everything from clothes to random trinkets. Some of us wandered across the beach to ride camels around for a couple hours. If you thought horse chaffing was bad, please reconsider. A group of us trotted along the beach for about an hour with a guide then were led around on some trails for a little while longer. Some of the crew spent the day meeting locals while others meandered through the town. A 6:30 dinner brought us back to Argo for a good Halloween story squeeze question followed with a movie night/ pumpkin carving party. Who knows, we may jam to Thriller a couple times. Tomorrow has us up bright and early for a passage to Tenerife.