Location: Underway to the Galapagos

Even when the days seem to blend together while on the passage, every day is a new adventure, today we had a couple of classes, learning navigation with Kris, Marine Law with Sam, and talking about the Myers Briggs test with Britt and Leah. We had deck showers in the afternoon, which are amazingly refreshing in this heat. We have hit the doldrums, so the wind has been less than ideal for sailing, much less, so we have been motoring a good bit. Although, we have been able to put up the tarps over the chart house, creating what I like to call Camp Argo because it feels like we are in a giant fort. Tonight, while the cleanup routine was underway, a couple of dolphins swam by as the sun was setting. It was a great reminder of how amazing this trip really is. Especially because you have not seen a sunset until you have seen one at sea with nothing but water as far as you can see in every direction. My watch team had the 8 pm – 12 am watch tonight. The stars were so bright, and off the stern, we saw tons of bioluminescent jellies. The flashes of light looked like fireworks underwater! Only a couple more days, and we will cross the equator and arrive in the Galapagos! To all my family and friends, I miss you and can’t wait to share all of our amazing stories and pictures with you.