Location: Petite Byhaut, St. Vincent and The Grenadines

I got to love waking up at 5:30 am to work on a literature review and see that some of my peers are already working hard on it. As time went on, more and more of us came down to work on them. It wasn’t even 7 am and like 10 of us were already awake and working. At 7, I got the rest of the crew up, and almost immediately, most of them started working on their presentations and papers. Can you tell we were a little stressed? Once breakfast rolled around, some of us had been awake for over 3 hours. We had a delicious meal of yogurt and granola, and then we started our day. We had oceanography first, with our presentations due. The brave ones presented today, Mike being the bravest and going first. The presentations were super interesting, and I can’t wait for the second half to present. Afterward, half of the group went on a dive. It was apparently very beautiful and one of the favorite dives of many. There were so many fish and eels. The ones that didn’t go on the dive got time to finish their papers which are due tonight at midnight. I’m hurrying to finish the blog, so I can go finish my paper after we had lunch and had the most delicious homemade bread ever, courtesy of Ash and Calum. We then had a leadership class which spiked quite the conversation on the differences experienced by genders in leadership positions. It was really interesting hearing everyone’s personal experiences and gaining more knowledge in the lives of our peers. After leadership, the second group went diving, and everyone else had free time. There was an incredible viewing of a scorpionfish on the dive. During that free time, though, there was so much laughter coming from below deck. We had found our new source of entertainment on the boat. It was an empty paper towel roll. I have never seen a group of young adults get so excited over something before. We were entertained for hours. Sadly it has been thrown away now. We then had a delicious dinner and squeeze. Tonight’s question was which magical world would you most like to visit. Everyone’s answers were so cool to hear. I especially loved all the Harry Potter fans. The best answer, though, was probably Luke’s. While everyone else said Neverland or Hogwarts or Narnia, he said France. It got everyone to burst into laughter. We then got prepared to do our EFR exam, which is Emergency First Response. Now everyone is typing away, trying to make their literature reviews perfect before submitting it tonight. We also want to get lots of sleep because we leave tomorrow. I’m so thankful that we’ve gotten to wake up in some amazing and beautiful places, and I can’t wait to see what new adventures wait ahead.

– Jodie

1-3: dive photos
4: Ash
5: Pearse, Lenox, and Isabel A.
6: Luke
7: Isabel L.
8: Ruth
9: Julia
10: Ash and Calum
11: Zoe
12-13: Ben
14: Lenox and the paper towel roll
15: our view from Ocean Star
16: Sunset
17: Will
18: Will, Mike, and Kiara