Location: Petite Byhaut, St. Vincent and The Grenadines

Only 5:30, and already half of us are up, stumbling to grab some coffee to summon the energy we need to finish our Literature Review papers that are due tomorrow. At 6:30, only one sleeping person remains Chief, of course. Breakfast was a satisfying meal of granola and “fresh” (canned) fruit, although many people already dove into their cereal that they bought onshore yesterday. After the meal, we had a Seamanship class filled with mixed emotions upon getting our IYT (international yacht training) exams back. We then crammed in another class, marine biology, in which we learned about sharks and other fishes bleh. When we emerged out of the salon, we had motored around the corner to Petite Byhaut, a gorgeous more secluded bay with large rock formations.
Lunch was vegetarian tacos complete with guacamole and ~spicy~ salsa. After lunch, we split off into two groups to go diving. One of the first official fun dives of the trip, this dive set a high standard. The dive had unique topography and loads of marine life. People saw squid, eel, smooth trunkfish, and a fireworm. While one group was away, the rest continued to work tirelessly on their papers. Around 2:30, dive group 1 returned, and the roles were switched. Any free time today was spent working on the literature review or procrastinating the paper with yesterday’s snacks. Dinner was eggplant curry with yams and rice, and the squeeze question was what Crayola color best describes your personality.

Pic 1: Will posing on his dive
Pic 2: Salty pit cleaning the breakfast dishes
Pic 3: The view from our new anchorage
Pic 4: Personality pic from the salon
Pic 5: Another beautiful sunset
Pic 6: Isa loving the power that comes with holding the hose
Pic 7: Luke attacking the camera with mushy avocado hands
Pic 8: Sophie gearing up to cut onions for today’s lunch
Pic 9: A group photo of hungry faces right before dinner
Pic 10: Margeaux in action
Pic 11: Sophie mid swim
Pic 12: Ostar in the distance with the Bat Cave to the right
Pic 13: The volcanic island drop off 2m depth to 40m in a single photo
Pic 14: A lone rock rises from the depths
Pic 15: wow-kind of waters