Location: Mayreau, SVG

We had a jam-packed day full of fun. Sierra, Kelly, and Ash started off our day with some freshly baked bread which was very good. Then we followed that with some oceanography and a lengthy discussion in leadership about the movie Passengers we got to watch the other day. Lunch was really good with rice, black bean, and potato mix. After cleanup, we had some visitors from Vela swimming up in their Gumby suits as part of their challenge course, which was really fun to watch. Then we went over to the beach to play some beach leadership games! We started off with a game that involved making it all the way to the water in a chain, but one of our feet had to touch someone else’s foot at all times. I ended up fully lying in the sand, reaching out for the water to finish the game. Next was capture the flag, girls against boys (per our request)!! The boys won the first round, but we came through in the second round. Now we just need a tie-breaking game. We cooled off at the end, and all jumped into the water and got to just mess around with some chicken fights and our attempt at making a four-person stack by sitting on each other’s shoulders, but we were only successful in a three-person stack. I took the last dingy back and spent the rest of my beach time making sandcastles with Mackenzie while Isaac and Brett threw a frisbee around. To end the day, chefs made us some delicious peanut butter balls that were the perfect dessert for dinner and the perfect way to end the day.

Pic 1: Visit from Vela
Pic 2 and 3: Beach games
Pic 5: Kelly, Brett, and Alex
Pic 4 and 6: Me and Kelly (almost drowning) Alex