Location: Mayreau

It was a very long day today. So I am just going to do rapid-fire bullet points.
0. I woke up at 6:20 today to get ready and do some more studying for our Marine Bio exam that we took today!
0.5 Yesterday, everyone told me to play “Living on a Prayer” to wake them up, specifically because of the lyrics “we’re halfway there,” and we are now halfway through the program!! that is sooo crazyyy
1.Sam made bagel sandwiches, and they were great.
2. We finished getting the boat ready (I got to have the clipboard)
3. We planned how to put the sails up, with Kelly, Sierra, Bretty as our sail team leaders! Everyone chose what job they wanted so we could put the sails up quickly and efficiently
4. We put the sails up in 19 minutes!!!! (This was better than our previous 21-minute record). I was on the peak on the foresail because that’s my favorite job
5. We sailed! we got up to 10 knots and also learned why knots are called knots, which I am now forgetting, but it has something to do with knots
4. Lunch was quinoa wraps which were a great passage lunch meal. Some people saw dolphins during lunch!!! I was up on deck too late, so I didn’t get to see them 🙁
6. After lunch, we hung out a bit until it was less windy to start cleanup, which gave some people an opportunity to nap or study more
7. we did cleanup
8. we sailed more
9. we struck sails super fast and showed off our neat flakes in front of Vela!!! we looped around them and got to see them from afar
10. We dropped anchor super quick
11. we took the exam
12. Dinner was chicken tacos- it was also good
13. after cleanup, we played black and white cards (if you know, you know). We feel really bonded and loved every second of it

Anyways that’s really all we did
To the fam, I love and miss you all!
Pic 1: Mayreau
Pic 2: Me taking a selfie and Kelly enjoying her tea
Pic 3: In the middle of putting the sails up
Pic 4: The sails up! (19 minutes)
Pic 5: Mia at the helm
Pic 6: Me taking a pic after a squeeze with the flash on
Pic 7: Dinner !!!!!!