Location: Bequia

Shore day!
Slow cooking banana bread this morning meant a late morning start (8 am) aboard O Star, more chill time for us! After breakfast, we had a marine biology review for our mid-term exam tomorrow and a very chaotic seamanship class, torn charts, flying compasses, people on the galley floor charting…We haven’t quite gotten the gist of charting and stuff. After classes, we got ready to go to shore in the dinghies and wore bathing suits in case we got wet – spoiler- we did. When we got to shore, we split up into groups. Some of us opted for some alone time away from the chaos. I enjoyed some fried chicken with mango chutney and crispy fries with Alex, Brett, Rae, and Sunny – yum. While we walked down the road, a bunch of kids ran out from the local school to “Pizza Hut,” which is island style, super colorful, hand-painted pizza hut (see pic). We joined them and tried the nutmeg ice cream with crispy toasted coconut chips on top, delish! After a breezy walk on the beach, we dinghied back to Old O Star and started passage prep for our short trip to Mayreau tomorrow. It was nice to have an almost completely student-led prep as everyone’s starting to get the hang of what we’re supposed to do. Special thanks to Isaac, who shared his expertise and helped me direct the process. And to the chefs for their perfectly seasoned chicken and pesto pasta at dinner… today was an amazing food day and day overall!
Onto our next adventure!