Location: Bequifia, SVG


It’s your favorite dynamic duo; back at it again. It’s Heddy’s day off, so we’re taking one for the team and writing the blog together today. You are welcome.

We were super tired from dance partying with Vela last night, so today started with me sleeping in way too much and sprinting to breakfast, where Amanda told me I was actually a sous chef. As for Sarah, she woke up to some cool music from Sam, who woke up us today because if you didn’t know already, it’s Heddy’s day off.

Anyway, more about me (Rae): after OCE class, we had leadership. For this class, we watched Passengers, which had me (Sarah), Rae, Ela, and Kelly sobbing our eyes out to Chris Pratt and Jlaw almost dying on a spaceship. Then, we had Miso soup for lunch, courtesy of Amanda, Mia, and Rae, except it, really was just Amanda. Rae just poured some noodles into the pot. She’s so good at that. The way the rice noodles majestically expanded as they bounced into the miso soup was a cinematic experience. You really just had to be there, and luckily everyone was because we made it in the middle of class.

I would like to interrupt real quick and tell you Hedrick, is about to come back aboard the vessel (Ocean Star, so you aren’t confused), and we got the lovely opportunity to answer him on the VHS (Sam here, they mean VHF). He really enjoyed that, and we were REALLY good at it. You are welcome channel 72 for the laughs.

Anyways then, we all got our bathing suits on and got ready to go snorkel for our research projects. Once we found out Bretty and Alexander were going to drive the dinghy (sophistically named Exy), we all prepared to make fun of them the whole dinghy ride out. Bretty is a great driver and definitely didn’t flood the dingy on the way to the snorkel site. Once we got out to the reef, Sarah, Kelly, and I (Rae) realized we forgot the quad-rat, which is an essential part of our research. So we simply could not do our research. So we got to have a fun time snorkeling while everyone else had to do research. Then, because the day was not chaotic enough, Rae was given the empirical task of untying the dinghy from the mooring. We did, in fact, have two dinghies there, and Rae was only supposed to untie one, but somehow someway (do not know how this could have happened because she paid very close attention to not embarrassing herself). She untied both dinghies. Then, as we were getting ready to attach the dinghy back onto O star, Sarah fell on top of Mia and the lifejackets and Mia’s injured ankle, wiping out in front of everyone.

Then it was time for our favorite part of every day- saltwater showers. I (Sarah) asked Rae to shower with me when I came on deck and noticed she already had started by shampooing the ends of her dry hair. She also put it on the bottom of her feet. Then as we were jumping in off the martin-gale, Rae decided to pay the anchor chain a visit. Rae really loves the anchor chain. However, the anchor chain does not like Rae. Rae slipped off the martin-gale right onto the chain. She’s fine, though.

Anyways, then we had some free time to snack, hang out, and study! I (Sarah) decided this would be an amazing time to start studying for the Marine Biology exam in two days. Wish us all good luck on this one, guys.

For Rae, she actually helped with dinner during this time. About halfway through dinner prep, and because she’s a girl boss and one of the coolest people ever and multi-talented and the best sailor seamester has ever seen (all descriptive words from Rae herself), she agreed to help me (Sarah) put the tarp down for the night. This is when the title of this blog comes into play. Keep in mind it’s very windy in this bay (19 knots at the moment). Me and Rae, in defense, have never put the tarp down by ourselves. We started things off right when we eased the tarp halyard (by we, I mean me). Then Rae decided it was wise to unclip the middle and portside clips, so the tarp was holding on by just the starboard clip. Sarah was finding some sail ties, so she wasn’t in position, which Rae didn’t take into account when she began the process of un-assembling the tarp. Sarah spent what felt to Rae like ten minutes finding some sail ties. At this time, a gust of wind came, which fully took the tarp AND Rae with it. This was Rae’s first time parasailing!!!!!! So exciting. Sarah finally unclipped the starboard clip, and we started to roll it up. Then, some more gusts of wind came, which this time took BOTH of us parasailing!!!!!!!!!! Ash then preceded to tell us it was definitely more than a 2-man job. Sarah was laughing so hard she almost peed her pants.
We thought we’d only get sailing experience on this boat, but no, we get so much more. We can’t wait to put the tarp down again tomorrow and the next day. Maybe we’ll wear helmets next time too!

Sam is finding socks everywhere, and we told her they were Bretty’s, but we have no idea whose they are (sorry, Bretty).

I hate to part from you. I know you LOVE hearing about our day (who wouldn’t), but I am hungry and want a snack now, so I must go. I will see you when it is actually my skipper day.

Wait, we forgot to tell you guys about dinner. It was so good, thanks to Amanda and Mia and Rae! For squeeze, we asked, “If you and the person to your right were stuck together on a deserted island, who would die first and why?”. I (Sarah) was to Rae’s right, and she said I would get severely injured first, but she would die first. I agreed.

Okay, I think this blog is getting too long, so thanks for keeping up with us!!! We will sign autographs via email seamester.

5- us writing this blog live and in-person (i know we are beautiful)
1- Rae being a mermaid