Location: Bequia, SVG

The morning started off with some incredible Hannah Montana to wake everyone up. After our yummy breakfast from our chefs, we transitioned into some last-minute study time. We took our oceanography midterm then had leadership led by me (Savannah). The chefs made some yummy split pea soup for lunch which was just what we needed for our advanced nav dive. We split into two dive groups, and all jumped in the incredibly gorgeous water. We had to navigate between Amanda and Sam, who were about 100 feet apart from each other, swim a square, and lead our group back to the boat, all using just our compasses and kick cycles. Everyone killed it! Alex and Brett did end up on the boat before us all somehow, and Sarah and Rae might have just done a triangle, but it was all good fun, and we saw tons of cool fish. After the dive, we all took showers and got ready to go over to Vela for dinner! It was super fun meeting the other seamester students and seeing how different our boats are. We all talked and hung out, then had shore pizza for dinner! We did a combined squeeze question and a combined clean up then had a dance party. We were all so sad to leave, but looking forward to hanging out with them soon! All in all a super fun day, and it was nice to talk to some new people.

Mom, dad, and Christine, I miss y’all so much! Abbie keeps having fun and doing good. I can’t wait to show you all the cool flags I got you from all the countries we are going to and go on dives together now that I am certified.

Picture 1- Everyone excitingly waiting to get on the dinghy over to Vela.
Picture 2- Dinghying over and meeting Calum
Picture 3- Ela finding cool hiding spots on their boat
Picture 4- The two captains playing chess together
Picture 5- Shore pizza!!
Picture 6- All the boys going over to Ocean Star for a tour