Location: Atlantic Ocean

As proud members of Watch Team 1, the number one watch team, we started our day off at midnight with the 12-4 watch. Excitement stirred in the cockpit as this was our first watch in our new teams, if you’re wondering what the level of excitement was like picture a six year old little boy or girl running down the stairs to open their Christmas presents and then double that level of excitement. Of course, we also had only had a measly two hours of sleep prior to watch so some of the excitement was, of course, sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks. Now, my new watch team is made up of Laszlo, Maddy, Emma, Charlton, and Kip. For much of my life, I’ve considered myself to be a bit of a lone wolf who could never really find his wolf pack. After last night that all changed I found my wolf pack the fours of watch flew by thanks to the high energy and loads of fun everyone brought. The third hour of the watch on the 12-4 AM, which is often regarded as the most brutal hour, flew by thanks to high-intensity house music and some of the craziest dance moves I’ve ever seen from Kip. When the fourth hour rolled around, we had to play slow music to tamper with our high-octane energy.

This worked for some, but I couldn’t fall asleep until 5 AM… I then awoke three hours later, ready for the day! I began my morning as I believed everyone should, with a healthy viewing of South Park and a bowl of instant ramen. When lunch rolled around, we had a load of baked potatoes with sausage and cornbread… this meal was awesome! Dinner, on the other hand, was some of the spiciest curry my tongue has ever touched, and it forced me to consume half a box of milk. I’m not a huge spice guy, but even the spice-tolerant people exclaimed how spicy it was.

Today’s academics included an oceanography class and global wind patterns, and in Leadership, the students took an intense leadership profile quiz. There were four types of leaders broken into four different colors: Blue are the dreamers, Green are the people-people, Red are the logical people, and Yellow are the action-oriented people. I have personally taken this quiz about five or six times and been every color except blue… it continues to be a dream of mine to one day be blue. As far as academics go tomorrow is a big one, the taxonomy exam in Marine Bio takes place and everyone is a little on edge but excited to prove their worth and impress Professor Meg.

We ended the day with a rather thought-provoking squeeze question: Who is your cartoon Crush? The Schaner brothers all have a crush on Mrs. Incredible, but perhaps the most shocking is Alva, who rattles off about four different cartoon crushes. My wolf pack now has the 8-12 watch tonight, so I must go. I can’t wait to talk to everyone from Barbados. Also, Alva may or may not delete this because I accidentally deleted her blog a couple of days ago.

In case anyone is wondering, Alva read through my blog and decided it was good, but its fate would be decided by a single game of rock, paper, scissors, etc. She defeated her scissors with a rock, and my blog lived another day.