Location: Atlantic Ocean

Starting our day off on a peaceful note, I woke everyone up with Blackbird by The Beatles. Seemed fitting with the rainy overcast and the chocolate muffin breakfast paired with it. Pro tip: don’t do laundry at night on a tropical island unless you want to wake up to all your clothes soaked and reeking of wet dog.
On another note! Most of the morning consisted of getting the boat prepared for passage as well as getting the stern anchor back on deck. Despite our recent flying ant swarm, they’re hovering over the computer screen as I write, the lot of them left in peace.. or should I say pieces? Regardless, they keep spawning.
During our afternoon on Vela, the crew took a dip in the water either by flipping off of the bow spirit or flopping in off the cap rails; either way, I don’t think any of us can get enough of the salt water. Especially since our equator crossing is right around the corner! Be warned, theres a lot of talk about shaving heads, beards and “staches” around here.
Ending the day off on a familiar note with the classic burger and fries, a big shoutout to Laszlo for slaving away in the kitchen (tears were shed). Vibes and spirits are high as we sail off to Devil’s Island. Though we won’t be there for very long (1 day, give or take), every island has its own story that we intend to explore. Brazil, you will be missed dearly. Unfortunate as it was that we couldn’t take any of the island cats back on board with us, I know their heart and fleas belong to Fernando.

To the clan back home:
Keep sending pictures and any other updates, big or small. It’s nice to stay in the loop.
Dad, I’m waiting in anticipation to open my virtual birthday card, lol
Mom, sending Camden off to doggy boot camp was uncalled for
Jack, you’re going to do great with the testing for Whitfield. You’re the brightest one out of all of us.
Max, give the wifey a big hug for me.
Camden, who is the goodest girl ever? You are.
ok, love you all byee
Sophia >.<