Location: Mayreau

What’s up guys, it Anthony here, also known as DJ Tony G.

I started out the day by waking everybody up by blasting music until the zombies arose. Some people liked the wakeup, and others not so much, haha. Next, we had oceanography and a study hall after class to grind out our papers and presentations. After that, we had lunch made by Adelaide, Mady, and Greg, followed by the challenge course.

The challenge course got everybody up and excited. The challenge course is like an amazing race but around the island of Mayreau, a small island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We started out by swimming from the stern to bow, and there was our first clue. “Swim 80 Degrees off the anchor ” Group one that I was in ended up getting a broken compass and got a little off track but found the clue with Calum’s help about 50 mins later, haha. The next clue was, “The only person borne this way and is thought about a lot on Sunday.” We thought of God, so we needed to go to the church. We walked up a super steep incline to the top of the island. The next clue was waiting for us. Clue 2 gave us coordinates to go to, and we ended up with Adelaide and had to all cross arms and untangle ourselves to get into a big circle but no talking – this challenge was called the “human knot.” Next, we have the clue of ” head NE to the beach then follow SE until you find a staff member.” Next, we had to hoist everybody on the team to touch their nose to a ball hanging from a tree.

After that was done, the next clue said, “The opposite of a leeward bay would be a ?… Look for staff here.” We started on our journey and met a 10-year-old boy named Jaheam, and he showed us the way to the beach. He also pointed out his brother and dad’s goat. The baby goat was so cute as we made our way to the next spot; we said hi to everyone that we saw and saw some of the dopest views. As we ran down the beach to Leoni’s station, we had to all stand on a towel and flipped it over without touching the ground. The next clue was, “We drop it, and we weigh, but without it, we float away,” so we thought the anchor, so we swam all the way back to the boat about 2-3 football fields and had to free dive to get the last clue. Maddie saved the day with her crazy free diving skills.

We then got cleaned up and ready for dinner. My squeeze question was, “If you were to die tomorrow, what is the last thing you want to do?” and there were a lot of great answers. Many people’s answers were related to being with their families. My answer was that I wanted to get my family and bring them to the islands we have been exploring in the last few days. They would be speechless.

P.S I miss you so much, Mom, Dad, Tara, and Meg – also Bella, Dezzy, and Tigger. Wish you guys could see what I’m seeing. Hopefully, Tara didn’t take my room over yet, Lol. Oh, also shoutout to the homies back home – miss y’all, and if anyone wanted to see some youtube vids I made of our adventures, check out Anthony Gattoni on youtube – Like and subscribe 🙂

Turned out to be an awesome day. See you soon, fam love and miss you guys. Dj Tony G OUT ……

Photo 1: Goats
Photo 2: Watch team 1 (Me, Val, Colm, Maddie, Hannah, and Max)
Photo 3: Watch team 2 (Bennit, Dre, Katie, Mady, Sonnet, and Jordan)
Photo 4: Watch team 2 about to complete one of the challenges
Photo 5: Trooper – the unofficial mascot of watch team 2
Photo 6: Watch team 3 (Greg, Meghan, Mack, Charlie, and Ethan) working on the magic carpet challenge
Photo 7: Watch team 3 completes the magic carpet challenge
Photo 8: Watch team 1 shows some team spirit