Location: Mayreau island, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Today the students were very easy to awake as many were up early finishing off their literature reviews for Oceanography which is due later today. There was a wonderful smell of coffee in the air, and a silent tapping as many fingers worked tirelessly away. The Literature reviews delve into many interesting topics and will be presented in the upcoming weeks, so everyone has a chance to share their knowledge. Some titles include invasive species, artificial coral reef’s and the preservation and tourism related to mangroves. The students have had 4 weeks to research related papers and culminate the information into a scientific paper that presents the information. For many, this is the first time writing a paper like this, but everyone is excited.
The morning classes got kicked off with leadership lead by Max and Katie representing team Canada, whose topic was ‘Leading with integrity”. The group really enjoys the class time where they can openly talk and express their opinions.
In Marine biology, the class today focused on the anatomy of fish, what their bones are made of, and the different types of coloration and camouflage. Later while exploring the beach, Colm found a cowfish skeleton and brought it back to show everyone.
After a great pasta regAtony pasta lunch, then headed to land for some free time to explore the island at a slower rate than the previous day. The girls found Trouper, the dog they named and adopted the day before when he followed them for the entire challenge course. Some students choose to stay on board and get some chill time to recharge the batteries and stretch out with a little more space.
Tonight’s squeeze question was ‘what would be your MUNDANE superpower?”. Several people wanted to improve their spatial awareness to stop dumping into things, others the ability to never have sandy feet, to flawlessly do any accent, and finally being able to add ice cubes to any drink magically.

1- Ethan, Maddie (squid), Val and will in the salty pit
2- Mac, Megan, and Colm as team dry!
3- sonnet and Katie scrubbing down the deck
4- Dre styling up a new haircut at the transom barbershop
5- Greg working tirelessly on his school work
6- One of the many beautiful beaches of Mayreau, perfect for string up a hammock and relaxing