Location: St George, Grenada/underway to St Vincent

After waking the previous two days to calming jazz, some of my shipmates were a bit startled to hear Africa by Toto blasting through the salon at 7:00 am. As soon as Mike and Luke joined in on the chorus, though, everyone was fully awake. Getting out of bed was also made easier by the knowledge that today we would set sail again. Although our original plan was to wait out an eight-day quarantine in St. George, Grenada, Captain Steve found a creative way to continue our trip sooner. We are now sailing northeast to St. Vincent. Because Antigua is in St. Vincent’s “covid-19 bubble” and we never cleared customs in Grenada, we will be allowed in St. Vincent as soon as we receive negative results for our covid tests tomorrow. We all agreed that a Q-tip up the nose is a small price to pay for the gorgeous hikes and great dive sites of St. Vincent.

After the abrupt awakening and a breakfast of yogurt and granola, we had Marine Biology and Seamanship. Steve taught us about the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world: the mantis shrimp, while Calum prepared us for our upcoming International Crew Course exam. Everyone then helped prepare for the upcoming sail. Before departing, we enjoyed a great lunch of glizzies (hot dogs), which filled us with the energy we needed to raise the sails and set off. Disaster quickly struck when we had a man overboard (drill, don’t worry). But, the whole crew spun into action and was able to rescue Oscar, our man overboard flag, with ease. Watch team two took the first watch while the rest of us caught up on sleep and schoolwork. The smells wafting through the boat from the galley soon distracted us, though, reminding us of the delicious dinner to come. At dinner, our expectations were more than exceeded. Calum, Julia, and Lenox (Xonel) prepared a spicy curry that had everyone sweating bullets and crying tears of joy. Margeaux decided to show her satisfaction with the meal by activating her bright yellow personal floatation device (PFD), a sailor’s way of thanking the chefs (picture 7). We are now underway, hoping to arrive in St. Vincent early tomorrow morning. We miss you all and are having the most incredible time here on Ocean Star.

All the best,
Ben and the Ocean Star crew

1 – Margeaux and Zoe sweating the halyard, Isabel tailing
2 – Calum and Co. cooking
3 – Friendship bracelet making with Sophie and Isabel
4 – Studying with Will and Zac
5 – Riley admiring the sunset and Zoe admiring the camera
6 – Group photo with Isabel, Lenox (Xonel), Kiara, Chief (Pearse), and me
7 – Margeaux thanking the chefs
8 – Will, Xonel, Chief, and Isabel on the helm
9 – Luke, Calum, and Mike putting up the Jib sail
10 – Luke being a pirate
11 – Steve and Margeaux cracking jokes in Marine Bio
12 – Zoe accidentally breaking the frying pan
13 – Ash and Zoe fishing for the anchor
14 – Xonel and Isabel hauling on the halyard with Luke tailing
15 – Zac hauling on the halyard with Luke tailing
16 – Riley and Zoe on the halyard with Kiara tailing
17 – Isabel and Sophie on the halyard with Luke tailing
18 – Julia and Xonel
19 – Kiara vibing
20 – What happens when Isabel steals your phone