Location: Grenada

Although we have not yet been on land here in Grenada, I am stunned by the Islands’ beauty every day; The view from our anchorage on one side is of lush green mountains with vibrant colored homes scattered throughout. When you turn around, the view from the other side is the open ocean featuring some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.
This morning we woke up, once again, to a calm and sunny St. George Harbour. For breakfast this morning, we enjoyed some yogurt and granola with a little bit of frozen fruit. Then, it was time for me to announce the schedule for the day…. which I accidentally forgot to get from Steve before breakfast. He told me to wing it and that he would either confirm or deny what I said. This was much harder than I thought it would be. I guessed all of the wrong classes and activities in the wrong order, and everyone got super confused, but we had a good laugh about it (per usual). After about 5 minutes, everyone was informed that we had leadership after breakfast, so we all split for clean up (which is becoming more efficient each day) and then headed to the salon, where Sophie led a great class discussion. Leadership was followed with a deep dive for half of our advanced divers. It was pouring rain, but the divers set up their gear with huge smiles on their faces and jumped right into the water. The first batch of divers went down to almost 80 ft deep, while the second batch of divers, who dove after lunch, experienced a couple of cases of Gas Narcosis. Gas Narcosis sounds scary but is actually pretty hilarious… Lenox (known on the boat as Xonel) and Ruth-Riley both experienced this phenomenon but had no clue. While they thought everything was normal on their dive, they were actually acting slightly, to put it simply, drunk. Based on what I heard, Xonel could not count to 20 and slapped herself in the face with her SPG while Ruth-Riley looked lost the entire time even though she was surrounded by the rest of the group. Anyway, the second group of divers were all cracking up when they resurfaced, and it put a smile on my face to see them all so happy and entertained.
For dinner, Chef Luke and his sous-chefs, Will and Sophie, prepared us a nice pasta dish. All day today, they were working with limited provisions, but they made great meals despite the challenge! Everyone was chatting away and enjoying dinner while I decided on my question of the day. I decided to ask everyone to say something that they appreciate about the people who were sitting next to them in the circle. Everyone had really nice things to say about each other, and it was amazing to hear all of the wonderful qualities that everyone noticed and admired about their shipmates.
It has been another great day here onboard Ocean Star, and I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow morning and have another awesome day (with another smoooth moove)!

Picture 1: Chief, Ben, Xonel, and Isa half awake
Picture 2: Kiara, Isabel, Isa, and Adalaide
Picture 3: Zoe enjoying an orange
Picture 4: Salties washing dishes and deckies scrubbing the deck
Picture 5: Mike, Zoe, Luke, and Jodie provisioning
Picture 6: Ben and Ruth-Riley getting ready for the deep dive
Picture 7: Isa and the Sunset
Picture 8: Ben and Isabel pre-dive
Picture 9: Luke and Ruth-Riley getting ready to jump in
Picture 10: Sophie in the rain
Picture 11: Me and Isa twinning
Picture 12: Ruth-Riley, Margeaux, Zoe, and Zac jammin’
Picture 13: Chief (aka Pearse) cheesin’