Location: Statia

Today was a great day. We started with a nice MTE class that taught us how to use a VHF radio properly. We now know how to make a mayday call if Ocean Star is going down, hopefully that will never happen. Then some of us ventured on shore again to search for more blue slave beads, however we didn’t have any luck in finding one. Everyone was back on board for lunch, and then we had the much anticipated Charlie Brown dive. Golden Rock dive center came to the boat and picked us up. The wreck was 85 ft below the surface and pretty fresh, the old cable laying wreck is only six years old. We first explored the bow with huge cranes and winches on deck, and then we moved on to the hallway. The hallway was an opening in the middle of the ship that we swam through, some parts was pretty dark and a couple of us got pretty freaked out by being in a confined space 85ft down. I thought it was extremely interesting and I wanted to explore more cabins and holes. Once out of the hallway we went around the stern and checked out the huge propellers. By this time we were starting to get low on air so we swam back to the bow and ascended slowly with one stop at forty feet and another at fifteen. On the way up, our dive master Neptune was blowing the coolest air rings, he made the safety stop much less boring than usual. Once back on board we prepped for our sail tomorrow, had dinner and a Blue Planet DVD, and had our final scheduling meeting. Sadly we only have ten days left, unfortunately they are parked with papers to be done, exams to take, but fun to be had.