Location: Statia

Today we set sail shortly after eating breakfast. We left from Ile Fourchue, St Barth’s and sailed to Statia. The voyage started off great because we had so much wind and the wind continued to increase throughout our voyage. Kevin our captain told us we had to figure out how fast we were moving and how long would it take to get to Statia without using any kind of GPS or charts. Instead he split us up into teams of three and he gave us two pieces of bread. The bread was used to find the speed and once we found out how fast we where moving we used our MTE equations to figure out how long it would take us to travel 25 miles. However, it was almost impossible to guess exactly what time we would arrive. Individually we all put wagers on what time we thought we would arrive and Charlie was the closest wining everyone’s wagers. Today was a great sail and everyone enjoyed putting their MTE skills to the test..