Location: St. Barth's

We were all a little sad to leave the beautiful sandy beach in Barbuda. Yet, the stories and events to come in St. Barths had us prep for sail faster than ever. After our overnight passage we came into Gustavia at around 8 am. There were immaculate boats all over, from sailboats to yachts to cats, and the water was clearer than any other stop we’ve had. We held another BA to clean Ocean Star before going into the dock so we could look our best among the other yachties. Around 10 or so we jumped into the pristine waters, then raised anchor to take our spot in port. It was a very picturesque place, shops scattered along the road next to the water, with brightly colored roofs and buildings. We had an afternoon of free time and enjoyed some cold sodas, cookies and other snacks we craved while away from civilization. We then had some nice showers before coming back on board around 4 or so. Our night entailed going out to dinner at Le Select, the famous bar where Jimmy Buffet wrote and performed “Cheeseburgers in Paradise”. We soon found out why he wrote a song about the burgers, as they were some of the best we’ve had the whole trip! Most of us enjoyed the double bacon burgers and we all had fun visiting and reminiscing on the fun times we’ve experienced together. After dinner we walked around the town and along the waterfront admiring the boats and listening to live music. At one point we met a local French guitarist who performs around town and was a really interesting and friendly guy. After a bit we headed back towards our home and called it a night. A busy day to say the least with a few more here to look forward to. We love St. Barths!