Location: Grenada

The morning started off with the crew slowly rolling out of bed, tired from their long hike the day before. It was not long until everyone remembered the plans for the day (hard to forget with the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory album playing for the wake-up song), and everyone seemed to get a quick second wind. After a hearty breakfast of yogurt and granola, everyone packed up lunch and hopped in the dinghy for a quick shuttle to shore. Our island tour started at the Jouvay chocolate factory, where we learned how they made the chocolate, followed by my favorite part, sampling a bunch of their chocolates. After stocking up on our sugar supply and getting some chocolate milkshakes for the road, it was time to head to the next stop on our toura fruit and spice farm. We got to sample some raw cocoa beans and cracked open a coconut to rehydrate before heading off to our final stop on the tour. We finished off the island tour, eating lunch on the lake and hanging out with some Mona monkeys.

As everyone started to come down from their sugar high, it was time to head back to the boat for the thing everyone was most excited about in today’s plans: a Fish ID quiz and Marine Biology lecture. After learning all about the fundamentals of ecology, the night wound down with boat showers, Alfredo pasta, and some more chocolate consumption (gotta eat it before it melts :))