Location: Dominica

Today, we woke dark and early at 0530 to prepare for our tour with Seacat. Though sleepy and confused, the crew rose to the day’s challenge of touring Dominica. We loaded up with Seacat and Stowe and drove an hour to the Indian River to do some serious science experiments. We explored an estuary and spiced things up by betting on the salinity at different points (dorky? Yeah, sure). After that, we traveled to a beach spot for lunch with delicious bread rolls that had been discussed all morning. This was followed by a massive fruit exploration, including grapefruit, papaya, fresh chocolate, sugar cane, coconuts, oranges, limes, breadfruit, bread nuts, bananas, coffee, tangerines, and more… We also traveled into the Carib territory and bought special gifts. All in all, the day showed us what Dominica is all about, and we dug it.