Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

Today was a wonderful day in Grenada! We woke up, ate some breakfast, and prepared for our island tour. We met up with our taxi (which doubled as our tour guide) and headed to a beautiful waterfall. We drove almost to the other end of the island and back. We learned all about Grenada and its main exports: nutmeg, chocolate, and fish! We even got to see how nutmeg grows (see photo below so cool!). Then, we spent some time swimming in the waterfall, jumping into it, and enjoying the beautiful nature that surrounded us. After our waterfall excursion, we drove to the cocoa factory, where Christian (and his many memorable and unique facial expressions) taught us how they make chocolate. After being able to tour the factory, we were able to try out the delicious dark chocolate made on-site and even purchase some to take home. Many of us also got to enjoy the cocoa through hot chocolate or banana chocolate smoothies. After our lovely island tour, we went back to Prickly Bay Marina for a late lunch and some free time. Then, we returned to Vela for ocean showers and a delicious homemade pizza dinner. We also got to witness a beautiful sunset to end an incredible day. For squeeze, we described the person to the right of us as a type of dog, and it was very entertaining to hear everyones (completely spot-on) dog breed. We wrapped up the day with a fascinating marine bio lecture on taxonomy. Our island tour was a wonderful way to get to know Grenada, and we all enjoyed our experience!