Location: Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

Most of us woke up to a moving boat, always a fun start to our mornings. We were only motoring around the corner of the island, but we were all excited to see even more of what the nutmeg island of Grenada had to offer. Our PFD-equipped breakfast included bagels, and we went through the cream cheese in record time. We were also passionately divided over if peanut butter belonged on onion bagels (absolutely not)! Next, we had our second emergency first response practical class. We got to act out and provide medical care to many scenarios, including everything from bear attacks to violent alien abduction attempts. I would say with much confidence that we all have the potential for Broadway theater. After much splinting, casting, and spinal analysis, we transitioned to some much-deserved shore time; but not before we completed our first-ever student-only dinghy lower! Once on land, many of us participated in our shore time ritual of touring the island grocery store, and this was our largest one yet! Grenada is much more developed than many of the other islands we have visited, so we were pleasantly surprised with the variety of goods we were able to purchase. Ryan finally found a towel, Nick restocked on chips, and Tolo purchased a stuffed dog, mini tea set, and kazoos (don’t ask). Many of us ate lunch at an outdoor beach cafe, and some others took a fully clothed swim in the ocean as we could never get enough saltwater. Once back on Vela, we worked together to complete passage prep for our journey to Saint Bart’s tomorrow. We are all going to bed with a strong mix of excitement and nervousness as this is our longest passage yet at around three days! See you later, spice island!