Location: Underway to St Barth's

We started off day 42 with delicious breakfast courtesy of Captain Tom and last-minute prep for our longest passage yet. Just as we got all our laundry off the lines and grouped up for sail raises, we heard one of the scariest things you can hear at sea, the yell for Man overboard from the cockpit. I, for one, was confused when I looked off the starboard stern and saw a fender floating in the waves, but eventually, I worked out we were doing a drill and managed to do my job. Our lost shipmate was eventually recovered, and we went ahead with raising the sails. Once we got underway, watch rotations started, and most of us, with some free time, took the opportunity to get in a quick nap before lunch. Getting into the rhythm of passage is always fun for some and a little more of a challenge for others. There were some new additions to the puke tally, and classes are always a bit of a struggle underway. However, in my opinion, any nausea is worth the sight of the sunset over the ocean with no land as far as you can see. Gathering in the cockpit at the end of the day, we all enjoyed eating our dinner and sharing stories like we do every night, just with a little more sliding around this time. Every day onboard Vela is a new adventure, and I am so excited to spend the next three of them making our way back up north for the first time since Antigua. As we all settle into our watch schedules and tie up our lee-cloths, we get one day closer to the end of the biggest adventure of our lives so far. Being so close to the halfway point puts everything into perspective for me. I look around at my friends and crewmates and think about what itll be like to leave this place. It feels like forever since I got here, and I know the next month, and a half will go by in a second.

I look forward to seeing my home, and I miss this boat already.

Until next time
Skipper Cora