Location: Underway to St Barth's

Making way! To Saint Barth’s! Today we are on passage, which will be our
longest passage of the trip thus far. Being underway definitely takes some
getting used to, especially when it is your first longer passage (this one is
about two and a half days and two nights). The beautiful sunrise woke up
with watch team 1, and what a beautiful day was had. The full orb of the sun
was able to be seen at 0614, which is much later than anyone on our watch
team had guessed. The closest was Annika, with her time of 0603. The rest of
the day was just rotating through watch. Each watch team has four
hours on and then eight hours off. Those four hours on deck are filled with
helming, adjusting the sails, and intense games of contacts. Those following
eight hours can be filled with whatever you please-whether that’s homework,
reading, or a nap, to prepare yourself for the midnight to 0400 watch. We
were ABSOLUTELY HOOOOOONING, making us travel ~160 nautical miles for
the day. The constant hoonage kept everyone on their toes and looking alive.
We also learned many lessons from our longest time on passage so far, such
as the importance of Lee Clothes and maybe homework on deck isn’t the
best idea. Also, everyone does get pickled once in a while. That’s a-okay.
Annika and Ellie doing homework while they’re off watch
Allissa showing off her battle scars from falling off her bunk due to a lack of
lee cloth usage.
Jaycee and Emma chitchatting on the low side, coming out of their pickled
Annika is as excited as heck that we are hooning