Location: Underway to St Barth's

Today was another challenging and great day for Vela. To me, the day started exactly at 00 because watch team 1 was on from 00 to 4 am. Although its a little hard being in the cold wind, getting wet by the waves, tired and nauseous for a big part of the night, watch team 1 did a great job and pushed through it. The sky was absolutely beautiful, full of stars, and we were sailing in the exact opposite direction from the last time I was skipper (0). We got to sail following the North Star.
As usual for passages, everyone had breakfast at different times. During the morning, some of us were sleeping, a few warriors were cooking, and another group was together in the cockpit enjoying some great music and a beautiful view while sailing the boat. I got to be on the helm for a long time in the morning which is always very fun.
We arrived in St. Barts not long after lunch (around 1500), much earlier than expected! We were supposed to get here tomorrow morning, but luckily for us, we were RUNNING most of the passage, keeping an average speed of almost 8 knots (WOWWW) and reaching 10.8 kts at some point when Ellie was at the helm. That was very, very cool, and we are definitely winning classics.
After arriving, we had marine bio class, and then people got to ocean shower for the first time in a few days, which was very appreciated. Later we ate dinner and my squeeze question for today was, what is something that you did in your life that you think everyone should do it at least once before they die. Answers were kind of predictable for a group of people like this, most of them involving radical sports, the ocean, and getting out of your comfort zone.
Right after dinner and clean up, we had oceanography class finishing an exhausting but good day.
Tomorrow we will reach day 45, half of the trip mark. Thats very crazy. Im so proud of everything weve accomplished so far, and I cant wait to embrace these last 45 days. Its not easy, but we all are being a lot stronger than we believed we could be and having the time of our lives. Im so grateful for everyone here, people are so caring and helpful, and I couldnt make it without them. 😊
Hope you are all doing well,
Love from your skipper for the day,
Sofia, or as people here would say with an American accent, Souuufia

Oioi gente brasileira, espero que vocs estejam todos muito bem e felizes por a. Os ltimos dias foram bem difceis para mim, como vocs j sabem, mas eu estou lidando e em breve tudo voltara a ficar bem. Estou com muuuita saudades de vocs, de casa, da pips e da zi, de tudo. Finalmente bateu a homesickness. Beijos com muito amor para todos vocs que tem acompanhado os trip logs e especialmente para mame, papai, vovos e para o maninho. Amo vocs S2