Location: Le Grazie, Italy

Today was another eventful day on Argo. After an extra early wake-up call and a quick breakfast, we began our journey to Cinque Terre, a UNESCO world heritage site consisting of five small fishing villages on the west coast of Italy. After a crowded bus ride and a quick train ride, we arrived in our first village, only to be greeted by a downpour, which threw a wrench in our plan to hike from village to village. So we quickly came up with a new plan, which consisted of us having the freedom to train from village to village as we pleased. We all took advantage of the time, exploring every village and taking in the gorgeous views, Gelato in hand. The crew partook in a wide range of activities, from going to castles to eating a Gelato from every town, to hiking, to getting wi-fi in cafes. After another hour to explore in La Spezia, a town not part of Cinque Terre, but beautiful all the same, we were all ready to head back to Argo, take showers, and head to bed. Most of us will be spending the night working on our marine biology papers, working diligently so that we can rest up for tomorrow, which will surely be another busy day aboard Argo. set date:2012-09-29