Location: Palma, Mallorca

With watch teams still in full force this morning, the whole crew emerged on the deck around 11:30 as we were coming into the harbor in Palma. As Argo cruised into the docks full of multi-million dollar boats, the students were quite in awe. We docked near the location where the shipyard puts boats in and out of the water, which is always a sight! After the lines were all cleated off, we did a quick lunch followed by a simple BA, just to flake sails and put sail covers and tarps up. The students all did the last-minute scramble for a few minutes more of study time before they took their first test aboard Argo, marine biology. As the students came up the companionway afterward, they had a smile on their faces and stated they felt as though they did pretty well on it!! A couple of hours later, after freshwater showers, sending laundry out, grabbing a gelato, and wifi, the whole crew came back to Argo for a delicious dinner prepared by RJ, Tom, and Tess, which included home-made applesauce! Palma offers an experience unlike most of the locations we will go to along our journey, as it is full of tons of huge yachts, squares that are perfect for a quick coffee before heading down the main streets to designer stores after designer stores. Although as a crew, we like to put ourselves into different types of environments and see all of the aspects of the city, island, and country we go to, so tomorrow the vast majority of the students have signed up for a hike that will go along the mountain ridge between two much smaller towns. This was just another amazing day aboard Argo, and we still have 64 more to go!! set date: 2012-10-01