Location: Underway to Palma

After breakfast, the day started with the movie Around Cape Horn, which is homemade footage of passage of the Peking a three-masted tall ship, from Hamburg Germany to Chile in 1929. The footage was riveting, and even with the shrinkage that film causes to the heavy sea, they still looked massive. After the movie, we had shore time before lunch so everyone could take care of last-minute errands. After lunch, it was oceanography and marine bio back to back. Then passage prep, which went well. Lines were cast off from Tarragona at 5:30, and we slipped out from underneath the drawbridge and got out to sea. Unfortunately, the wind is light, and the main engine is still running. Leadership class starts soon followed by a night watch with a 9 to 10 ETA for Palma, Mallorca. set date: 2012-10-09