Location: Palma, Mallorca

Mallorca is an indescribably beautiful place. While still part of Spain, the dramatic mountains, sweeping Mediterranean views, and cosmopolitan cities left a unique and distinct impression on me. Today we ventured out of the city of Palma de Mallorca and headed to the mountainous west coast of the island for a hike between the towns of Deia and Soller. The Mallorcan countryside felt like something out of a Southerby’s Real Estate catalog and made for excellent hiking. What might otherwise have been called a long hike was conveniently interrupted by a quaint little cafe on the mountainside specializing in fresh-squeezed orange juice and homemade cakes. After a refreshing jolt of citrus and sugar, we conquered the second leg of our hike and set out to explore the town of Soller. As usual, we spent most of our time in Soller scoping out the best cafes, shopping, and beaches. Just as the clouds were rolling in, we headed back to Argo slightly weathered and extremely smelly for a late dinner and class. In addition to all of our physical accomplishments today, we made significant progress in our battle to diversify Argo’s crew. Today we welcomed Argo’s first, but not last boat dog, Dante. While he may be porcelain, he is already beloved as the newest member of Argo’s distinguished crew. set date: 2012-10-11