Location: Palma, Mallorca

Our day began with cool wind and blueberry muffins, kindly supplied by today’s chefs (the muffins that is). Breakfast was immediately followed by PSCT (Professional Skipper Crew Training), Oceanography, and a seminar on The Gaia Hypothesis. Half of the class was in support of this scientific theory, while the other half seemed to be in utter disbelief. After classes came to an end, there was a scatter so all could enjoy their free day in Mallorca. Some of the group ran to the local shopping area, while some of us went to cafes to try and catch face time, or Facebook time, with our loved ones. The smartest portion of our crew stayed aboard and worked on one of the numerous assignments we have been so kindly awarded by our professors. We all met up back on the boat to burn out a quick passage prep for our early morning voyage tomorrow and some sustenance to fuel our very anticipated night out… With love, Argo crew. set date: 2012-10-12