Location: Palma Nova

Location: Palma Nova, Mallorca
This morning we moved the boat from Andritxol to Palma Nova. However, this mornings passage was a little different from any of our other previous passages. The students taking the Professional Skipper and Crew Training Class were put in charge. They were awake at five-thirty am: raising the anchor, starting the engines, and plotting our course. For their first time running Argo on their own, they did exceptionally well. The rest of the crew was treated to an underway breakfast of banana bread cooked by Alex, and a beautiful sunrise as we motored into a small bay outside of Palma, Mallorca. The rest of the morning was a busy one. We received our first two How-To presentations. The first was Grahams How-To on the writing of Haikus. Next, Lilly taught us all how to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Any outsider watching us bake would have thought that we hadnt seen chocolate in years. There was a lot of spoon-licking and much debate over the appropriate amount of chocolate chips for each batch. We made enough for cookies after both lunch and dinner. They were an excellent way to celebrate Alexs 21st Birthday! The rest of the morning was filled with diving for the rescue group and a fun dive for some of the newly certified divers. Graham, Tom, and Joe brought Dante, the boat dog, along with them. After a delicious lunch of Gumbo, we all enjoyed a particularly chaotic fire drill and a plankton lab. Before dinner, we did some quick passage prep so we can get out of here and start our sail to Cartagena bright and early tomorrow morning. I will leave you with a haiku from Graham:
Everybody is
A silly orangutan
Including myself

By: Maggie